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First Draft Complete

I am the world’s worst blogger. Okay, maybe I’m the world’s second worst blogger. The world’s worst never blogs. I try hard to keep up with blogging, but then life gets in my way. My ADD acts up and I am going to write write write — hey! Is that a squirrel? Are those chocolates? Is there a new episode of Doctor Who?

I haven’t written on this blog in a year and a half. A lot has happened in that time, but I am going to go from here. It’s time to resurrect the blog from virtual death because — I am done! I have finally completed the first draft of “The Man Behind the Curtain”. I am continuing with the edits as soon as I am finished making yet another attempt to do habitual blogging. 

So, stay tuned. I am hoping beyond all hope that i can keep doing this, especially leading up to the publication date of the book, which will be sometime this year. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, sometimes it is.

I think that after I finished the book, I was quite excited about it. Then, I went through a phase where I put it away because i was sure I had written something terrible. But I am editing now and I have discovered, after putting the book down for a couple of months and then picking it up again, that I am actually pleased, for the most part, with the quality of the work and the storyline.

I just need to do some tweaks. So… book pending… after tweaks! See ya soon!