This is How I Roll

I’m working on my novel. 94 000 words in and I can see the end in sight. How happy I must be! So, why why why was I sitting eating dinner on my sofa the other night (yes I am a cretin and not prim and proper in any way) and all of a sudden, I see the title of a new novel come before my mind’s eye like a glowing marquis sign? I tried to brush it off. I ignored it. I read. I did a puzzle. I wrote the title down and saved it in a file so I could pull it out later AFTER THIS NOVEL IS FINISHED!!!! 

Ah, forget it. I’m 6500 words in on a new novel. I’m still plugging away at the one I want to finish before the summer is over. I guess I have finally joined the ranks of… the multi-tasker. Oh yeah. And I’ve been invited to participate in a songwriting competition in July. It’s a good thing I have a lot of songs already written and don’t have to create anything new… whoa… is that a new tune in my head? Are those birds swirling up there? Nope. Those are lyrics. I could write a new song. 

Well, it’s better than getting writer’s block, I suppose. Catch you all on the flip side. 


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